Today I Woke Up… (Reflexion)

Today I woke up and I was everything I wanted to be.

I forgave myself of everything that had ever made me feel ashamed.

I loved everyone everywhere… even those who hurt me.

I sent love to those who have lost their way.

I wasn’t afraid… of anything anymore.

I realized… I was endowed with all the power of the Universe, to think… to feel… and create, and to love all that I have created.

I reveled… in the realization that this… is the sum total of all I have intended for myself to date.

I realized… that right NOW is the only moment there ever really is, was, or will be.

I knew… that all my past, except what was good, was gone.

I made a pact with myself never to forget… to hold this feeling as if it were a little child… for indeed, it was.

~ Daniel Votino



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